Iqcent review: a new forex and CFDs broker, they equally offer binary options, but are they legit.

Iqcent review

Iq cent review

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IQ cent review, is iqcent legit safe and reliable? Should I open an account with the broker, only if you read iq cent review, you will decide. 


IQ cent review: iq cent is a CFDs, forex and binary options broker that was founded in 2020. The broker is relatively new but seems to offer a good trading platform.

IQ cent is located at Clever Technologies Ltd | Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960. We have checked the broker and it seems to be a binarycent sister.

The broker came to challenge other brokers with some features on platform. For example if we ideally check the brand, it’s a two good keywords. IQ and cent, targeting IQ option and binarycent. However if we check the minimum deposit , minimum trade and fees. We can say that IQcent is just a binarycent against IQ option. Therefore, all these can be used to justify if iqcent is legit or scam. For the fact that IQ cent is targeting IQ option is an indication that it will offer a good trading platform.

More-so we all know that IQ option is a good trading platform. In short it’s just the best binary options broker so far. So by IQcent competing with IQ option, they will have good results to offer. IQ cent offer other good features that will will make them stand out among equals. They offer copy trading tools, minimum deposit of $10 and bonuses. Compare broker with Raceoption another like minded investor’s place

IQ cent account types

IQcent platform offer traders three multiple account types. However if you are a beginners and wish to start with little deposit size, then you can choose small size account. But let us check all the iq cent account types in a table.
Broze account: this is the beginners account, that accept $10, as a minimum deposit. However that Maximum deposit is $1,000, bonus of  20% start from $250 minimum deposit.
Features of bronze account
  • 24/7 live video chat support
  • Withdrawals in 1 hour
  • Bonus +20%
  • Demo account
  • Copy Trading tool

Silver account: is for those with minimum deposit of $1000 to $3000. The bonus for this account is up to 50%.

  • 24/7 live video chat support
  • Withdrawals in 1 hour
  • Bonus +50%
  • Demo account
  • Copy Trading tool
  • Master class (web session)
  • First 3 risk free trades*
  • Personal success manager
Gold account: the gold account is for traders with minimum deposit of $3000 and above. The bonus points for this account is 100% and there are other special features.
  • 24/7 live video chat support
  • Withdrawals in 1 hour
  • Bonus +100%
  • Demo account
  • Copy Trading tool
  • Master class (web session)
  • First 3 risk free trades*
  • Personal success manager

Iqcent review on Platform

The platform is built with good quality, the version. Therefore in the process of our iqcent review, we created account with them. However we noticed that the platform is very easy to navigate. It has intuitive interface with copy trading tools to help traders. You can copy other traders who are experts, however they are listed according to their performance. Once you have created account and fund it, then choose any trader to copy. More-so, iqcent platform is built with CALL and PUT buttons to execute trades. Then offer 1minute to 30minute trade time. However, Option type is tubo, intraday and long term trade. You can choose candle sticks or tick chart as the option is their. In addition to the trading button, you can use Ask or Bid. Above all, the screen can be minimized or used as full screen.
If not iqcent, trade with videforex

Customer support

The broker offers 24/7 customer service support to users. However there are other avilable ways you can get support like email and phone support. But I prefer their customer service through livechat video support. Real time trade real time live chat. However, the most important aspect of it,  is that they a FAQ. So you can easily solve some problems is you don’t want to engage their support teams.
Iqcent binary

Promotion and bonuses!

Iq cent contest: the adviser agreement its customers a contest with price of $20,000. The contest comes every week, with 20 fluky winners.
Giveaways prizes: iq cent offer giveaways on every deposit if you want prizes. To win the following prize you will need a minimum deposit of:
  • Airport, 2 series:          $10 to $100
  • Apple watch 5 series:  $100 to $500
  • iPhone 11 pro:              $500+

Can I participate in the contest?

Yes, any dealer with any quantity of deposit canister adhere the contest. then again the winner is calculated by the digit of your trade in a week whether succeed or exhaust trades.
Iq cent Bonus: the  broker offer every account with bonus as follows. The bronze account comes with 20%. The silver account comes with 50% bonus while the gold account is 100% bonus.

What are the Payment methods available?

Payment methods
The broker offer multiple payment methods to users with zero fee. However fee can only be attached to bank wire transfer. But other payment methods like bitcoin, in short cryptocurrency.
Therefore looking to make deposit, you should choose from this option available
Credit card, bitcoin, union pay, altcoins etc.

IQ cent copy trading

belief of via brains cent mime trading but dont recognize how it work. The down-to-earth legitimacy is that it is identical clean with nothing effort. as a result to counterfeit a dealer at capacity cent is simple, simply version their planned experts. And this is the motive why we understood that they allow extended tenure undergo of the market. At capacity cent,  near are peak 10 superlative traders. They are hardened and trusted with live voting from users. altogether you want to accomplish is to supply your account, vote for any of the specialized and click simulate trading. by design you right now trade whatever  that trader, trades. More-so you acquire trade every time that agent wins trades.
Iqcent binary

Is IQ cent legit?

In the process of our iq cent review,  we noticed that the platform is legit and reliable, though they are new and fresh. Therefore, if your question question is if IQ cent is legit, then the answer is yes. The broker is located at Clever Technologies Ltd | Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.
IQ cent offer good platform to help traders stand above risk.

Are they regulated?

IQ cent is not regulated by any regulatory agencies or licensed. However we only have trust on the broker because of the people involved. If they will obtain regulatory compliance,  they have not done that yet.

Iqcent review Conclusion

Finally, We will end our iqcent review by recommending the broker. The minimum deposit is $10, while the minimum Trade size is 0.001. If your question is IQ cent legit, if you are thinking about starting with IQ cent, then you have nothing to regret. However we have registered and tested the broker and we have traders responding with joy. Therefore, if not my traders, I can testify that the broker offers a trustworthy platform. The customer support is not by lips but they actually help traders. Try the broker with $10.
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